All Zombies Must Die

There are so many zombie games on the market that you may think all the ideas and situations have been well worn but somehow we fans just never get tired of blasting them off the screen over and over again. All Zombies Must Die is everything you would expect from a shoot em up zombie game plus a bit more as it is a twin sticker shooter offering.

The story’s main character is Jake. It is set in the city of Deadhill a very apt name but the game is a surprise from the outset. Normally when I load up a zombie fess I expect dark atmospheric scenes with blood and gore abounding. This game departs completely from this type of setting using cartoon like characters with themes you might see in any kiddie cartoon on TV. It’s strange as there is just as much violence and killing but it just doesn’t seem as scary when the graphics are this type. That said it is still a great, entertaining game of quality.

The zombies vary in character plus what they can do a lot in All Zombies Must Die. You have to take care when fighting them as you can through no fault of your own end up giving them special powers or strengths. For instance when a zombie gets near a fire it makes him run faster while the mere sound of an oncoming police siren can give them added strength. This is where strategy comes into play as you need to be aware of what you are doing, plus your weapons choice, so as not to bestow help to the enemy. Sometimes you can find yourself surrounded by large groups of monsters making it difficult to escape making quick thinking and speed a must.

This four player co-op is refreshingly different in both composition and mood. It’s literally a blast as you go around shooting everything in sight. The game is filled with tasks plus missions along with designing and commissioning weapons and tools. It isn’t an easy game by any stretch of the imagination as it can be challenging having to finish mini game tasks before you can move along involving collecting items or killing of certain species of zombie. You may have to collect five burgers, so kill off five zombies so that they drop the food or find runners, to eliminate them by poking them with a cattle prod to stun them first.

A feature I liked were the radiation pits. These pits made zombies mutate into even worse creatures to fight but the up side is as they changed they dropped their brains so you could pick them up giving you temporary immunity. They also regurgitate experience points as they die another plus for you.

All Zombies Must Die is a big surprise unleashed upon the zombie games niche. when it comes to the challenge value along with game play time. It will keep you shooting for hours either alone or with your friends the experience is one not to be missed.