Boxhead: What a Complete and Utter Nightmare!

boxhead the nightmare

Though its title pretty much gives nothing away about the nature or sublime quality of the gameplay, the Boxhead series has made somewhat of a name for itself in the third-person shooter genre, carving itself a comfortable niche with its highly distinctive style and unmistakable format. Boxhead: The Nightmare sees the inevitable return of the superbly angular aesthetic, endless waves of zombies, and other evil folk, but most importantly of the defense game that through sheer brilliance of design and simplicity in gameplay has become synonymous with quality in the flash gaming market.

So if you’re ready to station yourself in a series of environments where waves of enemies will descend on you in greater and greater numbers, it may be time for you to experience the very particular kind of nightmare in Boxhead: The Nightmare.

If you haven’t encountered any of the Boxhead games before, you may be wondering exactly why I have spoken so positively about it so far, but also about what the game involves in general. Much like fellow shooting game Zombie Shooter, Boxhead: The Nightmare is a shooting game but set in the third-person and with a strong emphasis on pure survival. The game has a selection of levels which all have to be unlocked, but the basic premise in each is centred around surviving for as long as possible through the waves of zombies that advance on your position, wherever that may be. Use the [WASD] keys to walk around the screen, aiming your weapon with the mouse and firing it with the left mouse button.

Surviving each level is about more than simply just gunning down the zombies like The Terminator, since you can adopt a variety of offensive or defensive strategies depending on the layout of the level and also the weapons and items that you have available to you. You start off with a knife and so can only engage in close quarters combat with a weak pistol on the side, but as you make more progress and earn more money from killing enemies you can unlock and purchase upgrade to your guns at certain time intervals, with improvements such as higher rate of fire, increased range, and piercing bullets. If you feel like playing more defensively, you can also deposit explosive barrels around the level which can be shot and blown up to damage nearby enemies. Barricades are also useful items because you can use them to manipulate the course of the zombies when the numbers of them begin to increase.

Boxhead: The Nightmare also has a very distinctive design and some impressively stylish graphics that reinforce the gameplay substantially and that have been a trademark of Sean Cooper’s games for a good few years. As the name suggests, the graphics are geometrically inspired and your main character has a square-like appearance while the world around him is colourful and highly detailed, with everything from the hair on the zombies to the tiny bullet casings ejected from the guns being visible. Even the gun sounds are of high quality and are refreshingly different from many other generic shooters out there. The game also has a minimal soundtrack that provides tension without being too obvious or annoying.

It is safe to say that Boxhead: The Nightmare is nothing less than a fantastic zombie shooter that excels in almost every aspect of its design and gameplay. In fact, I would say that this game is second only to Boxhead The Zombie Wars in its relentlessness and stylish appearance and is perhaps one of the best zombie survival games that you could ever hope to play whether you choose to play Boxhead The Nightmare Hacked or without cheats the explosive nature of weapons you can unleash upon the incoming undead surge will leave you blood thirsty for more masochistic action.