Burn Zombie Burn

Burn Zombie Burn is the ultimate zombie game that gives all fans the opportunity to blast those freaks into oblivion! You play as the character Bruce who is trying to save his girlfriend from the zombie hoards by any means available. Burn Zombie Burn is a strategy game, is quite short, but this doesn’t detract from the enjoyment factor at all as you destroy the festering monsters one by one or a bunch at a time.

You need to gain as many points as you can in order to move along so burning as many zombies at once is your goal. You need to be quick and accurate with your aim as the zombies really don’t like combusting at all. There are all kinds of zombies from monsters in tutus to zombies in football helmets or zombies who explode taking everything around them at the same time.

There are ten challenge modes and six maps to choose from when you begin. Depending on which challenge or which map you select you will score differing amounts and gain different awards. For instance the regular map has four modes and three levels of difficulty. You can win three medals in each mode on each map plus medals for each challenge. There is a scoring system so you can see how you are progressing. This can be good or not as in my case in some parts I didn’t do too well.

You are really in the thick of it immediately as loads of zombies followed quickly by loads more zombies encroach so its up to you to be quick to burn them up – very much reminiscent of The Last Stand 3. As you destroy them the type of zombie you are up against gets stronger but at least you have the weaponry at hand to handle them. You have guns, pistols, rifles, flame throwers, Uzis, cricket bats, baseball bats, chainsaws, TNT, plus two super weapons designed by Bruce. Firstly the brain gun that sucks out the zombie brains and the dance gun which is hilarious as it makes the zombies stop in their tracks to start to dance.

There isn’t the option to play online multi player which is a shame but as a solo fighter you can have a great game. Graphically speaking I would rate this game average. It isn’t as graphic in terms of blood and gore as some zombie games but it is none the less enjoyable. The pictures are cartoon like while colourful rather than atmospheric.

There are plenty of special effects sound wise with screeching and moaning from every quarter letting you know the zombies are coming or that they have been set alight and destroyed. The main character Bruce does have some amusing dialogue with the odd wise crack here and there regarding the zombies or their fate. It’s quite funny in parts.

Burn Zombie Burn although not a long game is no push over as it can be a challenge in certain parts. Its a typical zombie blast that fans will want to play again and again.