Dead Island Special Edition

Dead Island Special Edition follows up the original Dead Island with an added extra which is The Blood Bath Arena. Set on the island of Banoi a sumptuous tropical paradise with golden beaches and beautiful swaying palm trees it is a fantastic zombie shooting game that fans will love. In Dead Island the place ended up swarming with zombies following an outbreak on the island with only four survivors who for some strange reason were immune to the virus.

The special edition blood bath is just what it says on the packet it is a huge fight to the end with hoard upon hoard of evil zombies coming at you from every which way. They seem to get uglier and more powerful as you play along so you will have heaps of fighting fun as you play in either single player mode of multi player in four separate locations.

The blood bath arena also has a brand new weapon that is exclusive to this episode. The brain wave bomb sounds lethal and it is. There is also a great leader board feature so you can keep record of how you are doing. A blueprint is also available showing a completely new weapon called The Ripper that is two weapons in one, a combination of a baseball bat and a chainsaw. Sounds ominous!

There isn’t a lot to say about this special edition except to say its worth buying for your collection even though its very like the first edition but with an added extra. The graphics are great, so is the soundtrack while zombie fans like me will enjoy the new Blood Bath Arena.