Dead Island

Fancy your dream holiday on a beautiful tropical island with palm trees swaying in the breeze while you lay on the sun drenched sand getting a golden tan? Dead island looks like one such place until you scrutinise it properly then you get the real picture. It has been taken over by evil zombies who will make sure that you don’t get that tan so watch out next time you book your vacation as it might be your last!

Dead island is a shooting action game full of twists turns and zombie excitement you play as one of the four survivors who have managed to avoid being overcome by the undead. Each of the characters has individual traits that are useful as explained at the start of the game. They are a Rap Singer, A Prisoner on the run, A famous Football Player and a poor individual who works in the resort. Together they are trying to locate a vaccine that is supposed to be somewhere on the island.

There are a number of locations for you to travel through to destroy the enemy such as the beach, jungle plus city backdrops giving the game a bit of diversity. The story begins on Banoi a lovely island that has been infected with zombies. You will battle to complete missions with weapons that you have gathered along the way. You can shoot the creatures or jump into a vehicle and run them down in their hoards which is great fun. All this will gather points or bonuses for you as you progress as well as new abilities that will help you defeat the zombies.

A great feature is cooperative mode where you and a number of friends can play together riding in the vehicle flattening zombies as you go. Its great when you smash into them so they crash off your wind screen onto your bonnet then down under the truck. As you go you search for survivors but then end up battling for your own life instead.

The locations are superbly drawn. Each one makes you feel you are there. For instance the beach area is bright and airy but you will also notice smatterings of blood here and there. The forests are dark and eerie while the excellent sound effects make it edge of the seat stuff. The sound of the groaning zombies, sometimes screeching, sound very chilling indeed while the music is awesome. It is loud, raucous and very fitting to the subject of the story

The game also has extra side missions for you to play if you want to making a good diversion from the main game plus you can play them in solo mode as an alternative. All in all Dead Island is a got to buy for ardent zombie fans to add to their collection. Its full of intrigue with a good story as well as gives the player hours of play time that you can repeat over and over. Its well worth the trip to the island, but beware! making for a realistic feel.