Dead Rising 2

I am a huge zombie game fan so bought Dead Rising 2 to add to my ever increasing mountain of the aforesaid genre. It is the usual zombie madness and mayhem but for me, well I just never tire of gunning them down, so saving the world. This story takes place in Fortune City a place of degradation, gambling plus all the other vices you can imagine so is a perfect location for the undead to unleash its hordes to frighten and amaze as you set out on your journey.

So the scene is set for our main character Frank West, journalist and photographer who seems to want to make up for past wrongs by saving the city from zombies. Poor Frank he was doing so well with popular TV show then scandal erupted putting paid to the show while at the same time the city became infested with zombies. Frank sees this as a way to bring popularity back to him so off he goes to investigate while trying to destroy as many of the enemy he can at the same time.

Location wise the game is quite similar to the previous edition except for the Uranus Zone which has been added to the list and is a kind of theme park. The game itself is very gory with violent scenes so is not suitable in my opinion for young children. There are sexual undertones as well as adult language too so starting age possibly at fourteen would be suitable but that’s only my take on it. Parents must decide for themselves whether their teen is mature enough to play Dead Rising 2.

There are plenty of weapons at your disposal including chainsaws, baseball bats with huge nails sticking out of them, plus loads of other objects that create pools of blood and carnage of a huge proportion. Taking photos is an option too but can prove dangerous so watch out if you decide to go there. Another new feature is the Sand Box Mode where you can roam amongst the zombies facing challenges with friends or on your own. There are good boss fights at the end of each chapter too leading you onto the next making for great game play fun.

Graphically I think Dead Rising 2 is very good. The backdrops and locations are numerous being colourful and interesting while the zombies are ugly, gory and frighteningly realistic especially when hit, as the blood pours out splatting over everything. The background music is great along with very good sound effects although as previously mentioned the language is near the knuckle so if you don’t like that sort of thing it wont be your cup of tea so to speak.

Summing up Dead Rising 2 is a really good zombie fighting game with a great storyline plus believable characters. Its a challenge in parts while easier in others so for me gave me plenty to get my teeth into (pardon the pun) so comes with a score of 8/10.