Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a superb sequel to the original game as it has improved somewhat in many areas. There are more locations with five new maps along with five modes making it a riveting new episode you zombie fans wont want to miss out on. With new weapons, new characters as well as new survivors it makes for an fantastic zombie destroying experience that is extremely entertaining.

The locations are really good with dark atmospheric swamp marshes, a very sinister looking fun fair plus flooded city streets or busy towns full of civilians and traffic bustling around. The graphics make everything stand out being very comprehensively drawn with scary zombie monsters plus areas that are so detailed you will notice something different every time you play. The soundtrack is very good with great music plus the most realistic screams, moans and gurgles you would think the zombies were in the room with you. I loved the voice overs too. They had entertaining dialogue with even some amusing moments.

The game begins with you selecting which of the four survivors you want to control although the premise is that you need to work as a team and listen to each other to complete the game. You need to know what ammunition or weapons your compatriots have picked up plus where they are headed. If you are finding progressing difficult alternative pathways will become available to you making each time you play different depending on your skill achieved. Your team mates can be computer controlled so work with you rather than against you by swapping information re weapons, health and trading items.

As for the weaponry its awesome! You have no end of artillery at your disposal such as rifles, shotguns, machine guns along with machetes, Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs plus the unlimited use of the chainsaw. Left 4 Dead 2 is a violent game as you come to expect from zombie stories so is not for the very young or those of a nervous disposition.

There are varying levels of difficulty in which to play the game from easy to expert it depends how clever you feel. The realism mode was the one I found most challenging as there weren’t as many clues or hints to game play so you needed to be a real communicator to survive by calling out what weapons you selected while always letting the others know your location in case you needed assistance. Its quite a challenge but really interesting and diverse to play.

Left 4 Dead 2 requires a lot of concentration so is not for the faint hearted who want a quick game. For instance the Dark Carnival sequence is very intense with so much happening in it that you can’t take your eyes off the screen at all or you will miss something important. LFD2 is one of the best zombie games I have played to date with some of the best attention to detail which makes it also one of the most challenging. It is definitely one not to be missed.