Red Dead Undead Nightmare

John Marston was a great hero in the first edition of the Red Dead games so it is with great delight that I can announce the release of the sequel Red Dead Undead Nightmare. It was a very dark episode last time around but this edition is less so with new additions in many areas that will keep you playing for hours.

The story begins on the ranch at Beechers Hope where John lives with his family. To his horror people are transforming into evil zombies so once again he must fight for survival while protecting his family. As ever you will enjoy destroying the mad flesh eaters as you may have done in so many games before but probably like me, an ardent fan, you will never cease to love it.

There is the usual arsenal of weapons to choose from with a few added extras such as holy water which is obviously not only effective to destroy vampires, plus a blunderbuss that will blow their heads off with great power. You can even bait the zombies to come closer then bomb them to oblivion, its awesome.

John spends his time looking for members of his family that have gone missing. He also has a huge survival instinct as it’s kill or be killed. You may have to fight for weaponry while finding yourself destroying other survivors to acquire their weapons too. It doesn’t seem right killing off fellow survivors but it is dog eat dog so don’t feel too guilty. The locations are similar to last time around plus you need to clear theses towns so you can move on and also acquire ammunition or use the special safe houses while you are in the town.

The zombie characters come in many guises. They can also smell you from quite a distance so beware. The walking undead will run like mad once they sniff your aroma whilst the blobby look alikes will literally bulldoze through you using their weight as a weapon. Some of the zombies are poisonous others crawl around very creepily, it great fun watching them.

I loved the mythical beings new to this episode including the zombie horse that will help you travel around really fast and the four horses of the apocalypse Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. All these creatures have great powers that you can harness and use so it is a good idea to tame them, reign them in then utilise them as soon s you can.

There are a few playing modes for you in RDUN including single player along with two multi player options namely Undead Overrun and Free Roam. Both are huge fun being challenging in some parts to keep you battling away. The graphics are very good once again and so is the soundtrack. The wild west has never looked so wild but then that is half the fun as it isn’t strictly how you think of this part of the world. You certainly will not get bored playing Red Dead Undead Nightmare.