Resident Evil: Revelations

What other way could you run around the place blasting at the enemy while taking great delight in blowing them to smithereens? Resident Evil Revelations is simply a superlative, fantastic zombie fighting game that I cannot praise highly enough. It is filled with suspense, so will keep you on the edge of your seat as you play, something that not all zombie games actually do. This game is so realistic that you will almost think you are there facing the evil hordes in person.

The story begins with two agents, Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani who are searching for their missing colleagues Chris and Jessica who were last seen on Queen Zenobia a ship that is drifting around in the sea. The enemy an organisation called Veltro are about to release a deadly virus that will turn the creatures of the deep into zombies. Their task is to stop Veltro and save their colleagues.

Resident Evil Revelations has twelve levels with up to four sections. At the end of each section there is a grading feature that shows you how well you have done in terms of accuracy when aiming, the number of zombies you have destroyed plus time taken and score. This information can all be saved too making it easy to break off, save, then begin again. The points you acquire can then be used to buy more weapons and of course ammunition. There is also a cliff hanger to the story at the end of each level that is so Resident Evil as fans will know.

You have an array of weapons and ammunition this episode including guns, oozis, and rocket launchers although you can only carry three at one time. I really liked the Genesis device which is a hand held scanner you can use to gather information on the enemy plus shows up any hidden weapons stashes that may be around. It is really useful as with all the Resident Evil games you are always in short supply of weapons so it is a way of finding more.

There are plenty of characters for you to play with each set being in differing time zones of the story. Depending on which character you are playing you will find yourself in varying situations with varying weapons and missions some of which are more difficult than others to complete. I found this interesting as you can adopt an easier mode to play or harder depending on how you feel. The makers have certainly harnessed the suspense factor when they created this game. There are sections where you are moving along just waiting to be pounced upon, then suddenly you are and its an all out battle to fend off the monsters.

Visually the game is second to none. The backdrops and locations are very atmospheric and eerie giving great depth to the storyline. The characters are drawn with lots of detail as are all the locations. The 3D graphics are fantastic giving an overall aura to the game play while there is none stop action throughout. With a great sound track and voice over’s I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

Get a walkthrough for Resident Evil Revelations or go to the official capcom portal for the game.