Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Following up from The Umbrella Chronicles this is a great sequel. The story carries on from the previous edition and is filled with excitement and fun that will keep you playing for hours. I am a huge Resident Evil fan but do try to come from an “on the fence “perspective being objective in my opinions while at the same time true to myself. This game is superb plus is definitely one for the zombie collection. Where else can you commit murder or cause mayhem guilt free except in a gruesome zombie game, so let’s get under way.

The story centres around Leon S Kennedy and Jack Krauser who travel to a South American village to stop the Umbrella organisation ,in league with an ex drug lord, from combining their evil plans. You have the nostalgia element once again as you go down memory lane to visit places you once went to in the former games plus meet familiar characters. Played in the first person mode you travel along what is a preset journey and route but this certainly doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the game. The basic premise of the game is shoot it. Shoot it when it moves, shoot it when it doesn’t, shoot it if you think it may be hiding something or well, just shoot it!

There are plenty of monsters for you to destroy in The Darkside Chronicles including human zombies, mutant frogs, deadly piranhas, giant moths plus many more. They come at you from all angles so that you can never be complacent. Just when you think you have destroyed a batch up pops another and it’s hard to tell whether they are close enough for a direct shot. Playing with a partner is one downside. You have to keep tabs on their health meter as well as your own and I found my partner less than useless so it’s an added annoyance in that respect.

A good feature is the hidden gold. If you get a respite in the fighting it is good to make use of the time shooting up the area to unearth it. You can then use the gold to upgrade weapons or you can read the archives to fill you in on the history of the story. You can keep your score on the leader board and if you don’t manage to unlock all the treasures, upgrades or gold the first time around you can always replay so improving your overall score too. Upgrading your weapons is essential if you are to improve your performance, tackle more difficulty modes and get access to secret modes that you can unlock.

A useful tip you may like to try is pressing the minus button. This will take you to an inventory list where you can swap weapons around. I found this particularly good as I could access bigger and better weapons like the rocket launchers that have an awesome power. Resident Evil the Darkside gives the player hours of fun as you kill off the zombies while trying to improve your overall score. The Boss fights are fantastic; the graphics are second to none along with a fabulous soundtrack. Its 8/10 score from me.

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