Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D


This game as you would expect is set in the Resident Evil Universe with teams completing missions against the clock to free the place of zombies. There are twenty missions across six levels that get more and more difficult as you progress. The first few are more like tutorials so you can reduce that number by three or four in reality. The game has the time honoured features of Resident Evil the Mercenaries but with great 3D effects making it a worthy release in this fabulous format for the zombie genre.

At the start of the game you have a choice of three characters that carry up to three weapons. More characters can be unlocked as the game goes on. The aim as always is to destroy as many zombies as you can to heighten your score and complete a mission. Playing against the clock creates great tension as you try to fight off the hordes quickly so that they don’t kill you first. Certain parts do allot you time extensions but they are few and far between while as the clock ticks so your adversaries become stronger while also gaining in number. The Boss fights though are something else ensuring excitement is never far away.

As you progress through the levels you will be scored and that score influences just what items you are awarded such as new costumes, added characters, medals or ability upgrades. Your weaponry which is quite good comprises of guns, machine guns, grenades and launchers, hunting bows plus rifles all that you can use to devastating effect. Once your mission is finished other characters can unlock your weaponry or alternatively buy them with the play coins available. You will probably find like myself that your score is very important so I went back to replay some parts just to get a better grading.

You will meet some familiar enemies along your journey if you have played the Resident Evil games previously, such as Ganados with his devastating chain saw that terrifies the life out of you. Playing with strangers online is a good feature making missions more interesting while easier to complete as your co players can watch your back and vice versa. The only draw back to playing online is when players suddenly decide they don’t want to carry on so dump you off. It is so frustrating when they do that! It is just as enjoyable in single player mode meaning being left mid mission isn’t an issue.

The game controls have been tightened up this episode with the ability to shoot while running along being introduced thankfully. I think the soundtrack to Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D is very good. It isn’t so much the dialogue, which is quite sparse, it is the screams and groans of the zombies that set the scene along with the blast of the weapons and explosions that create a great atmosphere of tension. The graphics are blood thirsty as ever with good colouration and definition appropriate to the subject matter. I never tire of zombie epics and this zombie epic is one not to be passed over.

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