Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles


Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is a combination of light gun game play plus gun survivor game that will take you into the superior realms of the Resident Evil series. As a long time ardent fan of Resident Evil games I was really looking forward to this edition and believe me I am not disappointed. It incorporates all the characters, weapons, locations plus much more into one huge nostalgic saunter down memory lane for those of us who have played Resident evil from the start.

Some might say this is just a re hash of old stories but I don’t agree. Yes there are familiar threads throughout but for me that is part of the fun. Zombies come thick and fast so you will be glad of the array of weapons at your disposal including guns, pistols, machine guns, grenades plus grenade launchers. You can upgrade your armoury as you play to pick up stars that you earn to make the weapons more powerful. You do have the capability of fighting one on one too. This is great as you watch a zombie coming up close just shake your control to destroy him. It’s a good diversion from the weapons.

Accuracy is very important as a single shot through the head can see off a lone zombie with great satisfaction. As you get ready to fire a light appears on the sight as you reach the zombies weak spot so you know exactly where to aim to create the utmost damage its great! Using the Wii control has exactly the same effect so this is an option also.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles has plenty of breakable objects for you to find such as crates or light fittings that have herbs or life saving sprays inside while documents inside tell the whole Resident Evil story so far detailing how things began along with loads of interesting facts regarding characters and their histories. The zombies also aren’t just the human kind there are zombie dogs, sharks, monkeys, snakes and even zombie plants. Watch out for the leeches too they are totally disgusting as they can jump onto you sucking your blood. You have to slash at them as you would using a knife to get them off. Get on with it as if you are not fast enough the leeches will come together to create one big leech monster AArgh!!

There are extra missions for you to try as you play this on rails shooter while the ever present boss missions are very challenging. You will travel from the original Resident Evil game right through to latest offering while the familiar team of Chris and Jill are here again. They face an onslaught of zombies which is what you expect plus as usual you have to tactically work out how to survive as you face too many monsters with too little ammunition.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is a very good zombie game that incorporates everything us loyal zombie fans want. You get to kill hundreds of zombies in a game that graphically is superb along with a great sound track full of fabulous effects. It is gruesome, blood thirsty and violent while bringing all the threads of Resident Evil together under one fabulous umbrella.

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