Resident Evil

The first instalment of the Resident Evil games this edition was released in 1996 but then rereleased in 2002 with upgraded graphics, music plus plenty of new game play features. It is a whole lot of zombie fun where you will have a great time shooting the monsters into oblivion by using many different means that are made available to you. It’s fast and furious with a great storyline that zombie fans will really enjoy playing.

The story begins in Raccoon City inside a large mansion that houses loads of zombies. Team Bravo has gone missing in the city and you find yourself trapped in the large house inhabited by zombies. You are Team Alpha who has to locate the other team while destroying zombies as you go. You can play either as Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. Each character has particular strengths so you have to decide who will serve you best. There are plenty of other characters who feature helping the main two in many ways.

As you play along you discover members of missing Bravo team. One being eaten alive by a zombie, the second dying from poisoning but able to pass on a radio, the third lies dead on a balcony and lastly Enrico Marini who just manages to tell you that there is a traitor in your midst before leaving this mortal coil. You discover documents and clues all over the place but I will say no more so not to spoil your fun as you discover the truth that lies within.

I love a zombie battle and boy is this a battle. There are zombies galore all trying to destroy you and the tension plus atmosphere is palpable as you fire your weapons to try to get from area to area. I actually felt nervous constantly watching my ammunition supply as it isn’t automatically renewed. You have to look about shooting at objects to discover more it is very challenging in that respect. There are puzzles to solve plus tasks to complete with some puzzles easier than others. It’s a game of tactics along with a bit of common sense. For instance if your way is blocked by a huge mutant plant just get the weed killer to kill it.

Resident Evil is in 3D which is a benefit to game play. It makes characters and monsters look positively frightening with a certain amount of reality. The colours are sensational giving the game a great feel. There is plenty of blood with gory scenes while your varied weaponry looks very realistic.

The soundtrack is brilliant and very suited to the piece. It changes as you progress becoming appropriate for each scene. For instance when you are creeping along searching apprehensively for zombies the music is very chilling making you feel very nervous while in the fighting scenes it is mega loud and fast. The voice overs and sound effects are superb with some terrifying screams and moans that are extremely realistic. If you are a zombie fan this is one of the best, with everything you expect and more.

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