Shadows of the Damned

This is a strange one. I had heard on the grapevine that it was unusual but that is an understatement. That said I absolutely love it. It is funny, well it is if you like body part jokes, it is different plus it has great graphics, colourful while exquisitely designed and superb soundtrack all in one fantastic zombie adventure. Play this one if you dare you certainly won’t be sorry plus you will have laughs and hours of entertainment along the way.

The story itself is very original in that our hero Garcia Hotspur (great name) travels to hell as his girlfriend Paula who committed suicide has gone there and is prisoner of the demon slayer. The narrator of the story plus helper to Garcia is a floating skull called Johnson who can transform himself into a gun or torch should a situation arise that requires him to. The dialogue between these two characters is hilarious, if you like that kind of thing, alluding to the male organ in all kinds of amusing ways that never ceased to make me laugh out loud. Infantile some might say, but not me.

There are plenty of different locations in Shadows of the Damned including very dinghy looking houses, Victorian buildings and farmland that are all very atmospheric. Weapons are awesome and are given equally grand names such as Skull Blaster, Hot Boner or Dentist. Very unusual names for a shotgun, pistol and machine gun I think you will agree. The names support the ferocity of these weapons which is unleashed in certain parts of the game when new powers are unlocked. Your pistol then has the power to explode mines; your shotgun can blow any part off a body at smart speed while your bullets develop the art of homing in on your enemy with just the press of a trigger. It is great fun.

Now in horror films the sight of a goat head usually spells trouble but not in Shadows of the Damned. The goat head is a useful tool to alleviate the gathering darkness that surrounds you sapping your health. You do however sometimes have to overcome your fear of the darkness as you may have to go into a dark place to find your prey or play a scary Boss fight. It is a game of strategy where you have to weigh up your health depleting in the dark with completing a task you have to finish to move on.

Puzzles, items to collect, along with hidden objects will keep you guessing making it really entertaining while you just never know what is going to happen next or who or what will jump out at you. The incredible Boss fights are definitely the star of the show for me. You find yourself facing some massive and menacing adversaries that are very difficult to overcome. Some will chase you knocking over everything in sight to get to you. It’s very exciting edge of the seat stuff and believe me they take some beating but with practice you will find their weak spot, it just takes time.

The soundtrack is simply awesome. I don’t think I have ever liked a backing track so much. The music is wonderful ranging from operetta to heavy metal music befitting each scene appropriately. The sounds down in the pit of Hell are, well, just Hellish! They are full of awful shrieks, screams, growls and thunderous sounds that will scare you half to death. The music changes according to the scene for instance as  you run for your life the music is such that it makes you run like hell to try to get to safety.

As for the graphics, what can I say they are a marvel.  The whole game is fantastic and will give you hours of ghoulish play time fun. You will be sorry if you miss this one.

Find out more about Shadow’s of the Damned at EA.