Zombie Driver for Android Mobiles

Just imagine yourself speeding down the high street in a car full of weapons running over evil zombies to destroy them. Zombie Driver a short downloadable game allows you to do just that in the most exciting way that fans of this type of game will not want to leave until every last monster is disposed of. Not only this you can blow them up or set them alight to watch them combust in a very satisfying way. This is what zombie games are all about, you can release the monster within to destroy the enemy with no guilt trip or regrets.

The aim of the game is to search for survivors plus kill as many zombies as you can and you will certainly have your work cut out for you as they come at you thick and fast so you need to be speedy with your reactions. Once you find survivors you need to get them back to base before you can go search for more, its great fun and quite a challenge. One good element is that crashing into anything but zombies will not damage your vehicle so should you take out the odd parked car or pile into a wall it won’t matter.

There are different fast types of cars and vehicles to choose from such as an armoured bus or a speedy sports car plus a whole host of weapons including a nitro boost, flame throwers, rocket launchers and oozis although your ammunition supply isn’t endless so watch out for that. Using the bus is a good choice as you can fit plenty of survivors inside while obviously the sports car though fast is only a three seater so won’t carry as many. You will complete various missions some of which  have a time limit making it difficult but it is all part of the fun really.

Graphically this crazy zombie game looks very good for a less expensive downloadable type and compares well to browser games such as Earn to Die  and it's more graphical older brother Last Stand 3. It is very colourful with plenty of blood and gore something zombie fans will love. The vehicles and monsters look good especially as you are looking down from above onto the scene. The soundtrack is great too with exciting music plus good sound effects such as the zombies splatting all over your car or being blown up with a boom.

Download Zombie Driver at Google Play or on for PC at Steam